The fund of Kazakhstan’s Military History Museum was replenished by the new unique exhibits. Bogenbai Batyr’s (warrior’s) poleax and the leather belt were given to the museum in Astana. Previously, the relics have been kept at the personal collection of the legendary warrior’s descendants. Kanzhygaly Bogenbai Batyr commanded the army of the three Kazakh tribal divisions in the 18th century. According to historical data, the warrior was not defeated even a single time during his military career. Throughout his life, the famous commander fought for Kazakh people’s independence, resisting the Dzungar invasion.



 - This is a great event for our country because the museum received the original weapon that Bogenbai Batyr used in the 18th century. I think that this is a significant historical event, especially for our museum.


War History Museum of the National Military Patriotic Center of Kazakhstan’s Armed Forces was created a year ago. At present, visitors can see rare exhibits that disclose the history of formation of the Kazakh army starting from the 17th century. 

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