Competitive capability, cult of knowledge, preservation of national identity and evolutionary development are the main goals of the Kazakh people. Experts claim that upon the achievement of these goals the country will move forward with confidence along the most advanced countries of the world. Local and foreign experts have discussed the article of the head of state "Looking into the Future: Modernizing the Public Consciousness" in Astana. Within the framework of the IV congress of historians, the book exhibition devoted to the implementation of the Tugan Zher program was organized, too.



- The main idea that the head of state wants to convey to his people is that society should be spiritually open. This should be not only in theory, we should use it in practice. I have seen many countries where even now the vandalism, terrorism and armed conflicts haven’t stopped. I have witnessed these conflicts in many countries, including Central Asia. I should mention that Kazakhstan is free from these conflicts. This is entirely owing to the merit, work and result of your President's policy.


The prominent scientists, turkologists and linguists believe that transition to the Latin alphabet has a huge practical benefit for the Kazakh script since it is modernization and development of the language as well as integration into global information space.



- The transition to the Latin alphabet has undeniable advantages. For example, many visiting foreigners can’t read literary works in Kazakh. With the transition to Latin, the country will be more integrated into the world space and more open to the rest. There are a way more possibilities of the Latin alphabet than of the Cyrillic one.


The emphasis on education is a strategically correct and far-sighted priority of Kazakhstan’s spiritual modernization program. The director of the Ukrainian State Center of International Education, Elena Shapovalova, holds this opinion. She highlighted that Nursultan Nazarbayev's article has a clear outline and progressive methods for modernizing the educational process.



- Kazakhstan has done probably the most advanced step in the era of modernization, but modernization highly relies on tradition and this is why I was reading the article with pleasure about education being fundamental point for young people and for the nation as a whole. If we speak of language proficiency, it is about the mastery of languages which will help to gain the necessary knowledge and then to be able to work.

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