The Nur Otan party is set to head to the East. The leading political power of the country intends to adopt the best experience from the most advanced states of the area. The delegation led by the First Deputy of the party has landed in Tokyo to expand the strategic partnership and inter-party dialogue. Mukhtar Kul-Muhammed met with the head of the Japanese government and talked about new initiatives of the Kazakh President on economic and political modernization. Shinzo Abe is grateful to Kazakhstan and the Kazakh leader for resolutely condemning the actions of North Korea to carry out rocket and nuclear tests.



- The Kazakh President made a very successful visit to Japan last year. I believe that this was a real impetus for the further strengthening of our partnership. I am sure that we must develop our friendship and expand cooperation in all areas.


Takeo Kawamura heads the Japan- Kazakhstan Friendship Parliamentary League which consists of forty deputies, the majority of whom are members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) of Japan. The Secretary-General of the LDP, Toshihiro Nihai Mukhtar and Mukhtar Kul-Muhammed discussed prospects for inter-party dialogue. The experience of liberal democrats is appropriate because the LDP stood at the origins of the Japanese economic miracle which is similar to how today Nur Otan is in the vanguard of the Third Modernization.



- During the years of independence, a very warm and mutually beneficial cooperation has been established between Kazakhstan and Japan. Over the course of these years, the Head of State made three official visits to Japan and Nursultan Nazarbayev is in favor of Japan since he is been greeted with deserved authority and is very popular there. Japan granted the Kazakh president the highest award. Therefore, the Nur Otan party establishes and expands its cooperation and contacts with the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan which is chaired by the acting Prime Minister of the country.


Tokyo presented to the first deputy of the Nur Otan party several unique technological solutions that allow identifying people and objects with the help of artificial intelligence. The similar know-how is already applied at the airports of Brazil, Singapore and the USA. 

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