The historical expedition has arrived in Azerbaijan. Scientists of the two countries discussed ethnographic and cultural issues of history of the Turkic peoples. The scientific group is interested in the Kazakh region of the republic since it is not only associated with the title of the Kazakh ancestors.



- When I first learned about the Kazakh region, I was thinking of what is behind the name of the Kazakh region. At this roundtable I have learned that the name has great roots and connections with our people. There are people who consider themselves descendants of the Kipchaks who once lived here. They have the Kipchak roots. They are distinguished by language, appearance and a style of life. In this respect, we have found very deep roots in Azerbaijan.


The expedition found traces of the Kazakh ancestors in 40 countries. Moreover, scientists highlight the importance of genetics in revealing ethnic commonness. This is a new stage in the study of the Turkic peoples and the connections between them in a large geographical area.




- The Kazakhs and other Turks of the Kipchak subgroup of languages are descendants of the eastern Saka and the Scythians. Azerbaijanis along with other Turkic peoples of the Oguz group, as well as Slavs and Iranian peoples are descendants of the western Scythians which slightly differs from the eastern ones.


Scientists emphasize that modern methods should be applied for the study of the ancient culture of the Scythians and Saks. Azerbaijani researchers intend to closely cooperate with their Kazakh colleagues in this matter and jointly participate in archaeological excavations.

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