The United Nations continues negotiations on the development of the text of the Convention on the Prohibition and Full Abolition of Nuclear Weapons. The UN General Assembly made the decision on a new document in December last year. 123 countries supported the resolution to hold a conference which contributes to develop a nuclear weapons ban treaty and the total elimination of nuclear weapons. However, the countries armed with atomic arsenal voted against the new document. The UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutiérrez, in his address at the opening of Intergovernmental Negotiations (IGN) has urged all non-proliferation treaty parties, in particular the nuclear-weapon-states, to fulfil their obligation under the treaty to undertake negotiations on effective measures leading to nuclear disarmament. The participants of the UN General Assembly also highlighted Kazakhstan’s role in the process of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.



 - I think people of Kazakhstan should be very proud of its government leadership. The ambassador here, one of the representatives, imposing Soviet testing in Semipalatinsk. So your country has been a global leader. As an American nuclear weapons testing is unacceptable. 


The UN always supports Kazakhstan’s peaceful initiatives. The manifesto of the President of Kazakhstan ‘The World. XXI’ has become which is awarded the status of United Nations official document. The manifesto is used not only by diplomats but has also become an important source of information and a guide for foreign journalists. According to Ahmed Fathi, managing editor at American Television News (ATN), the Kazakh President’sideas tare up to date and allow finding answers to global contemporary challenges.



 - Kazakhstan represents not just a geographical area, but as a worthy member of the UN Security Council brings fresh ideas to global security, international development and peace. This is really necessary for everyone. President N.Nazarbayev, when he presented the Manifesto "Peace. XXI century ", made it clear that this will be the policy of his country in the coming years and in the future.

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