More than seventy years after the Second World War ended, the descendants of war veteran Nurmukhamet Mamyrbaev were awarded orders for their father’s combat service. Awards came so late because of a misprint in the name of the soldier. The family repeatedly appealed to Moscow for the restoration of orders, but it was only after the declassification of the military archives that Kazakh troops were proved to be involved in the combat achievements. The hero himself, Nurmukhamet Mamyrbaev did not live to this point. He died in 1979, having passed a bright and worthy path to his descendants. He had brought up six children. According to the veteran's son, his father often told him about the war, and was upset that he had not receive any awards.



- In the city of Belgorod, he stopped a German column that disappeared from under the guise of Yugoslav guerrillas. My father stood at his post, and he said: "I realized that these were fascists!" He turned and dashed 29 fascists with a dagger fire.


Two breastplates "Order of Glory of the third degree" and "Order of the Red Star" were given to Nurmukhamet Mamyrbaev posthumously. They will now decorate the museum of the capital's gymnasium number seventeen. There are more than a thousand original exhibits from the times of the Second World War. Guerrilla notes, letters home, jackets, soldier's attributes, weapons and ammunition became the memory and symbols of the great victory over fascism.

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