People’s unity in Kazakhstan is the result of not only coherent government policies, but of every citizen’s contribution. Embracing their diversity, Kazakhstanis people create a common future together. The Mukhanovs are an international family. Rustam is Kazakh, and Bilkis is Malaysian. The couple met in Malaysia when they were students. Later they got married and moved to Kazakhstan. The spouses say they are discovering new facets of a multinational country.



 - We stick to the principle of being tolerant. Of course, she learnt to cook Kazakh traditional dishes to show respect for my roots, and also continues cooking meals she is accustomed to. We went out to the square to celebrate Nauryz according to our traditions, I showed her and explained the Kazakh culture, mentality, and the customs, and everything was interesting for her.


Kazakhstan has created favorable conditions to preserve identities and uniqueness of each ethnic group. There are about 200 Sunday schools teaching 23 languages across the young republic. Kazakh television and radio channels broadcast programs in eleven languages, newspapers are published in four languages. There are Korean, Uighur, and German theaters. Linguistic centers are opening all over the country to let anyone learn their own ethnic group’s language.



 - Kazakhstan has created all the necessary conditions for the development of any ethnic group. For instance, here there is the world’s only Uighur academic theatre. There are 62 Uighur schools. There are also newspapers published in the Uighur language.



 - We have improved both our mother tongue and Kazakh language proficiency. We are keeping up with the time, that is, we follow modern trends and focus on building talent among young people, who are our future.


Historically, many nations have been sheltered in the Kazakh land. Representatives of many different ethnic groups have found home in Kazakhstan. Unity, tolerance and consent are the pillars of the country and a pledge of successful development. Therefore, Kazakhstan is gaining more and more international recognition. It attracts those who want to grow their children in peace, letting them cherish basic human values.

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