Kazakhstan is marking People’s Unity Day on May 1st. The holiday bears a special meaning. More than 130 nationalities live in Kazakhstan. A unique model built on the principles of interethnic and interfaith harmony has become an example for many states. People’s Unity Day has been celebrated since 1996. It is a good opportunity to learn about customs and traditions of various ethnic groups and preserve various traditions. 



 - This day symbolizes unity of all Kazakhstan citizens. The head of state and the Ethnic Assembly have preserved people’s unity in Kazakhstan. The Ethnic Assembly provides different ethnic groups an opportunity to learn their native languages, follow their culture and observe their traditions. Kazakhstan is proud to be a home for different nationalities.   


There are over 600 ethnic associations in Kazakhstan. Turkish theatre ‘Ahyska’ was created same year when Kazakhstan gained independence. The theatre’s actors say that creation of the Ethnic Assembly in 1995 has allowed Kazakhstan to form a strong foundation as a sovereign state. The unique institute empowers all ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan to practice their cultures freely.



 - Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly is the 18 million people living in our republic. First of all, it is an opportunity for all ethnic groups to be as they are and be the citizens of Kazakhstan at the same time, and also have a platform where they can interact, preserve and develop their identities.


Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly initiated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev has become the state’s ethnic policy mechanism, experts say. It was interethnic consent that became the pledge of political and economic success of the state and facilitated further advancement of its society. 

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