Astana hosted the 25th Session of Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly Wednesday. The meeting titled ‘Stability, unity, accord – modernization’s foundation’ brought together more than 1,500 representatives of the republic’s ethnic-cultural associations, political parties, public figures and artists from across Kazakhstan. The Head of State gave a speech and explained his recent article ‘Modernization of Public Consciousness’. The Kazakh President emphasized that the article was written based on foreign and Kazakh scientists’ research findings. According to Nursultan Nazarbayev, every person should keep up with the pace of modern life and be competitive. The upcoming international exposition was one of the discussion topics at the session. A special program was developed for the Assembly’s participation in EXPO 2017. Their main pavilion will be located in the National Library and will be open for public during for 93 days. There, expo visitors will be able to learn about Kazakhstan’s experience in preservation of unity and social harmony.



 - We live in peace and promote peace. We show how peacefully we live with different confessions, without fighting and killing each other, where various ethnic groups are tolerant and respectful to each other, and create their future together. How amazing is that! Therefore, we serve as mediators in conflict situations. Kazakhstan has become a place of settling the Syrian conflict. The Syrian opposition came here. We are always welcomed as mediators because our Assembly’s work proves to be efficient.


The People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan has become the main inter-ethnic relations development institution and the main mechanism for strengthening unity. The Assembly’s work has resulted in formation of Kazakhstani model of interethnic tolerance and public consent. Other countries highly regard and are studying Kazakhstan’s experience.

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