Kazakhstan’s investment attractiveness is growing. Foreign investors are interested in financing local projects. Japanese businessmen intend to invest in the economy of Kyzylorda region.  Japanese delegation visited a number of plants, social facilities, and Baikonur. As a result, the parties agreed on some joint ventures.



 - The purpose of our trip to your region is to learn more about your region and the city of Baikonur in order to find opportunities for cooperation between our countries in the field of economy, science and technology.


Zhambyl region and Kyrgyzstan are planning to strengthen ties. Last year, the trade turnover between the two countries’ regions made up $24.5 million. The parties signed a memorandum of cooperation. Cooperation with Kyrgyzstan is very important for Zhambyl region. The region’s agriculture is 80% dependent on the neighbouring country’s water resources. Local farms consume 3 million cubic meters of water per year. It is planned to sow 680,000 hectares in spring, which is by 15,000 more than last year. The irrigated area will be expanded to 250,000 hectares. Therefore, uninterrupted water supply from Shu and Talas rivers is crucial, and became the main discussion topic during the meeting.



 - There will be no issue with water supply. Our farmers are expecting this sort of response from local authorities because this is decisive in whether they will increase the crop area or not. Kazakh President set a concrete task in his address. This year, we are planning to sow by 40% more.


The parties have also discussed cooperation prospects in the sphere of trade and tourism, and agreed on simplifying customs clearance, harmonization of veterinary and phytosanitary requirements.

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