46 days are left before the opening of the international exhibition Expo 2017. Many Expo facilites have been commissioned. However, the congress center and the hotel are still under construction. Their commissioning is scheduled for mid-May. Most of the participating countries have already started decorating their pavilions. The central sphere’s interior will be divided into two main zones. Kazakhstan’s national pavilion will be located on the first floor. Visitors will be able to learn about the Kazakh culture, customs and traditions, and history. There will be thematic pavilions and a Creative Energy zone upstairs. There will be Kazakh scientists’ best future energy projects, the President’s intitiatives in the sphere of future energy and environmental protection. Visitors will be able to learn about various types of alternative enrgy sources. Kazakhstan will also display "Tokomak" thermonuclear reactor. The head of the national company Akhmetzhan Yessimov said that Expo facilities will be used after the exhibition. Two building will harbour the financial center that will start functioning in 2018.  Exposition complex will be situated in the third one, and Job World educational center in the fourth



 - The hotel's project was amended. We managed to reduce the cost by 20 billion tenge. Investors financed the project as well, and it helped to reduce by 30 billion tenge later. As for the congress center, it was redesigned, which let expand its capacity and save 9 million tenge.


The head of the national company Akhmetzhan Yessimov also announced that 740 out of 1374 Expo town apartments have already been booked by foreign visitors. More than two million tourists are expected to visit Kazakhstan and attend the Expo.  Over 930,000 Expo tickets have been sold. It is expected that nearly 120, 000 people will visit Expo daily. 

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