17th Kazakhstan International exhibition on "Tourism and Travel" was held in Almaty. Representatives of five hundred largest air and tourism companies, as well as resort hotels from 30 countries took part in it. For domestic tour operators this was a great opportunity to conclude deals with foreign partners and attract tourists to Kazakhstan. According to the WTO, the contribution of tourism to the world economy is 11% of the global GDP. Kazakhstan is set to develop its tourism industry.



 - This is the center of nomadic civilization. That's it about what we have, and no one else has, we should invite people. One statistical tourist who will leave a thousand dollars to our region, he will feed 9 more people.


Domestic tourism is experiencing a real boom in Kazakhstan in the recent years. Last year alone, Alakol received half a million tourists. The number of pilgrims to holy places is also growing. Domestic companies have started offering a variety of tours, including extreme tourism.



 - We can offer a tour satisfying all kinds of preferences, ranging from diving and free spearfishing, horseback riding, jeep tours, rafting and paragliding.


Now, domestic travel companies are preparing intensively for the new season. Ahead are two significant events - the World EXPO-2017 and the year of Chinese tourism in Kazakhstan. These events will allow the industry to gain momentum, and therefore significantly increase the contribution to the country’s  economy, experts believe.

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