Over the first 100 days at the UN Security Council, Kazakhstan has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining peace and security. Kazakhstan offered the UN Security Council such agenda items as nuclear disarmament, prevention and elimination of the global war threat, development of the Astana Anti-Terrorist Operations Code of Conduct. By its 25th independence anniversary, Kazakhstan has become a member of the global community and decision making that declared its readiness to cooperate on an equal footing and contribute to the UN peacekeeping missions.



 - Kazakhstan has accomplished an extensive amount of work. After 100 days of Kazakhstan’s non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council, we can say that we have done quite a lot of work. Kazakhstan took part in more than 100 various meetings such as open debates, briefings, and consultations. Kazakhstan is dealing with a wide range of issues. They concern the Middle East, the African continent, Europe, non-proliferation issues, including the launching of ballistic missiles by North Korea, and countering terrorism and extremism.


Kazakhstan has chaired three most important anti-terrorist committees in the UN Security Council. Kazakhstan also expands its participation in the UN peacekeeping operations. Since 2014, the country has sent its military observers to the UN mission in Côte d'Ivoire and Western Sahara referendum. 11 Kazakhstani officers have been awarded the UN awards for high professionalism. Representatives of China, Italy and Bolivia in the UN Security Council noted that Astana process has led to the longest ceasefire in Syria war. The UN is supporting further efforts on Syria peace talks in the capital city of Kazakhstan.



 - As you know, Syrian conflict is one of the most pressing issues on the Security Council’s agenda today. The head of our state has made it possible for Astana to become the venue for inter-Syrian negotiations. The Astana Process has become an important and effective dialogue platform, which makes a significant contribution to the ceasefire in Syria.


Kazakhstan intends to advocate for the interests of Central Asian states. Kazakhstan calls for considering the issues of the region in the context of the situation in Afghanistan, which has an impact on overall security. International experts note, Kazakhstan’s inclusion in the UN Security Council is not simply an expansion of the number of non-permanent members. Kazakhstan’s most important achievement is the fact that President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s global initiatives are already included in the UN documents and thus have acquired an official status.

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