There will be a gradual transition to Latin alphabet. Experts have welcomed Nursultan Nazarbayev’s initiative, expressed in the article ‘The Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness.’ Scientists and public should agree on and adopt a single version of the Kazakh alphabet based on the new script by the end of the year. It is necessary to start staff training and production of new school textbooks in 2018.


We entered the phase of international integration; we have to know three languages: Kazakh, Russian, and English as the main international communication medium. By 2025, everything will be ready for the full transition to the Latin alphabet. I think it is the right decision. After all, we need to know Latin alphabet. If we want to learn English, we have to know Latin alphabet.

Foreign diplomats support the idea that Kazakh literary works should be available in various languages. Ambassador of Monaco to the UK and concurrently to Kazakhstan Evelyn Zhanta believes that such approach will help the greater number of foreigners to learn about Kazakh culture. 


- I look for to learning more. I think it is very important. Most people certainly where I come from are looking forward to this Kazakhstan. They just have a very general notion and attending the aware of how rich the culture is of the incredible nature.

British experts who have examined the Kazakh President’s article on the spiritual revival of society agree that not only material values but also intelligence are the prerequisite for nation’s prosperity. The specialists believe that Kazakhstan should integrate into western society not only via oil resources and significant external policy initiatives but also through cultural rapprochement.


- Very open and again it shows the hospitality and the welcome attitude that the government of Kazakhstan has taken to embracing advice to embrace the cultures of the West and integrate them with the cultures of Kazakhstan. This week and recent example is actually educating the young of Kazakhstan using English as the language in the universities and colleges. I personally experienced this when I was in Shymkent at the University of Shymkent. 

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