Kazakhstan is becoming a source of valuable human resources. More and more foreign student enter Kazakhstani universities.


Nazarbayev University is among the most popular educational institutions. Kazakhstan delegation made a presentation about Nazarbayev University in Baku at the international education fair. At present, the alma mater offers Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral degree programs.



- I want to enter Nazarbayev University. I have collected all necessary information about this university. Conditions and accommodation are quite good. Besides I’ve been to Astana before. I have studied Russian in Baku, in Azerbaijan. I want to study and receive a degree in Nazarbayev University now.


Nazarbayev University’s academic process is based on international standards with English as a medium of instruction. The University offers scholarships and provides accommodation on campus for the most successful students. These and other conditions attract attention of Expo visitors.



We are looking for a university with English-medium education but we are not going to send our child to study in Europe. We are choosing universities from neighboring countries.


Nearly 3,700 students study at Nazarbayev University at present. There are many foreign students among them. The university’s strategic goals include developing students’ research skills, extension of international cooperation through partnership with the world’s leading universities and research institutions. 

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