A unique Burabai resort will gain an international status of UNESCO Global Geopark. Such historical event is taking place for the first time in the CIS territory. The international organization will help the Kazakh side to gather exhaustive information about the place in order to attract tourists from around the globe and will facilitate tourism development in the region.



- There are lots of people to meet and say hello so far so good. Today’s discussion is for me to hear from the authorities here about perspectives.


Geoparks creation campaign started in the ninetiesб last century. In 2002, UNESCO has launched ф special program to support the creation of a worldwide network of national reserves. At present, it includes 119 geoparks in 33 countries. 52 of them are in the territory of 18 European countries, the rest are in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Iran and Taiwan. The international status allowed some provinces to become major tourist centers and even replenish their state budget by millions of euros per year. Kazakhstan must submit an application to the UNESCO headquarters before October. It will take about three months to consider. As experts emphasize, Kazakhstan has every chance to create the first global geopark on its territory.



- It means that our picturesque places in Burabai are among the UNESCO heritage. This status will yield importance to the mission on preservation of our unique nature for future generations, as the President said.


Kazakhstani Switzerland is how this picturesque place in the northern Kazakhstan is called. Here, in the middle of the endless steppe, you encounter coniferous forests and stony ridges and lakes. Archaeologists found the Bronze Age tools in Burabai territory. Scythian tribes lived and wandered here in ancient times. To date, there has not been any geopark in Kazakhstan. According to experts, Kazakhstan has unique landscapes and sufficient potential for the development of geoparks concept in the country. 

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