It is planned to attract investments worth over 128 billion tenge to Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial complex. A new state program for the development of the agro-industrial complex for 2017-2021 was presented for the diplomatic corps in Astana. As announced in the government, Kazakhstan will launch 8 investment projects, including milk, meat and crop processing. To create modern high-technology processing facilities, the Ministry of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs Ministry have approved a 3years action plan for attracting foreign investments in agriculture and trade development. Kazakh Foreign Minister has also pointed out benefits for investors in the industry.



- The main target of the state agro-industrial development program for 2017-2021 is to open up and appropriately utilize the huge potential of the agro-industrial complex. We will increase the volume of agricultural production and export volumes. Exchange of knowledge and experience in the sector is what our Ministry and the Ministry of Agriculture will be also engaged in. In late April, Kazakh specialists will hold a seminar on irrigation jointly with various countries and companies. We are also planning to provide assistance to some countries as part of this program.


Kazakhstan is creating direct investments fund in order to attract funds in its agrarian sector and planning to expand export volumes of agricultural products up to $1.5 billion by 2021.

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