This year, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan mark the 25th anniversary of diplomatic ties’ establishment. The two countries have enhanced cooperation in trade, economic, investment, cultural and other spheres. Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan intend to expand cooperation. Development of transport potential is what the two countries are focused on. Astana and Baku will work jointly on redirection of the multi-billion transit route between Asia and Europe to Kazakhstan and the South Caucasus corridor. Cooperation in the energy sector is strategically important as well. The states are interested in ensuring smooth delivery of oil and oil products to world markets, including through the territory of Azerbaijan.



- This includes the development of transport links first of all. There will be consistent growth. The second sector is the transit of oil. Both Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan modernize, expand their ports, and bring them up to the level of modern requirements. In addition, tankers and ferries are being renovated. All this will serve to meet the growing demand in transport sphere. This industry will expand in the next five years.


Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan agreed to develop a list of products they are interested to purchase. Thus, trade turnover is expected to increase by several times. The next goal is to reach a mark of $500 million in three years.



- The Azerbaijani-Kazakh relations have a huge development potential. This development potential is related not only to hydrocarbons. It is connected with new innovative technologies, with a common policy at the level of international organizations. I believe that the Azerbaijani-Kazakh relations have a special historical role that will allow the states of the region to establish new and promising ties.

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