The Kazakh President’s address says that modernization of manufacturing industry is the key factor of a product’s competitiveness.  Kazakhstani enterprises are currently digitalizing their manufacturing processes and introducing robotics. Many Kazakhstani plants launched as part of the Industrialization Map have opted for this path. The plant in Atyrau has established the production of drilling rigs and bits and oil equipment, has opened a new metal structures production workshop. Most of the processes here do not require human intervention.


One of the new equipments is the robot- welder. It is highly accurate. The workshop has been launched just few weeks ago, and some part of the equipments is being mounted. However, manufacturing is underway.  



- Due to the growing demand caused by the expansion of the largest oil and gas companies in the region, we expect to produce no less than 6,000 tons of metal structures per year. Application of robotics will significantly increase the production efficiency and quality in shorter period of time.


Plasma cutting machines, shot blasting and painting, drilling and bending machines - if they ever require human intervention, then only at the programming stage.



- We have purchased more than 20 modern machines literally from around the globe. Our staff took training in Italy, Russia and Turkey. We always make high demands for the staff because it is not just manual work. It is configuring computer software or a robot, selection of welding modes.


Construction of the new workshop took seven months and cost 2.6 billion tenge. The plant’s modernization will be continued, the management says. The plant’s production is not limited to the oil sector; they also manufacture civil engineering equipment. 

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