Kazakhstan and the European Union are planning to expand cooperation further. This was stated by representatives of both sides during the 16th Cooperation Committee meeting. Burning political and economic issues were addressed as part of the Agreement on Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation at the meeting in Astana. Nine EU countries have ratified the agreement. About 50% of Kazakhstan’s foreign trade turnover and more than half of the attracted investments account for the EU countries. The trade turnover between the European Union and Kazakhstan totaled more than $24 billion last year only.



- Kazakhstan and the European Union have established diplomatic relations 24 years ago. We believe that these relations have reached a very high level, as proved by agreements on enhanced partnership and cooperation. The EU does not have such agreement with any other former Soviet Union country.


The meeting participants have also discussed opportunities to attract more European investors and expand a number of goods exported to Europe. Mining and oil-extracting industries attract the major part of foreign investments. Oil and oil products account for the lion’s share of Kazakhstan’s exports to Europe.



- I think I could stress that everything you said are very positive words about relations between the EU you’ve mentioned. We are the first investors and the first plan of Kazakhstan, so we believe very much in the future. Don’t have enough time to highlight all the topics of cooperation that we’ve discussed, indeed, 29 areas of new enhanced partnership.

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