Forbes journalist, the writer, Wade Shepard says that the Eurasian Economic Union has become one of the driving forces for the Silk Road Economic Belt project. As the expert says, simplification of customs procedures within the EAEU makes cargo transportation from China more efficient. The expert emphasizes that Kazakhstan plays an important role in reviving the Silk Road. Kazakhstan is a bridge between China’s industrial empire and Europe’s markets. Kazakhstan is also positioned in the center of the largest geo-economic players and connects east and west, south and north.


- And each time you had a border you had to transship, when you ship products, cross the continent, as vast as Eurasia, it creates difficulties, it creates additional delays. Then all of a sudden when it is technically Eurasian customs union, you can ship train, containers of high value cargo from China to Europe, annually have to borders to the Eurasian customs union, Eurasian economic union and then it goes straight to the EU, Poland. Second simplified everything allows this entire from China to Europe which opens 39 different lines.  That is really allow us to come together.

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