Kazakhstan and the UN are marking the 25th anniversary of cooperation. A new exhibition was opened at the library of the museum of the First President of Kazakhstan ahead of this event. The exhibition features the collection of unique archival documents, photos and diplomatic souvenirs, which have been compiled during the period of constructive and fruitful cooperation between Kazakhstan and the United Nations. The solemn exhibition opening ceremony was attended by prominent politicians, representatives of diplomatic missions, witnesses of the era when the young sovereign Kazakhstan was taking the first steps in the world political arena.


This is a significant event because cooperation with the UN opened new prospects for Kazakhstan in the world community. Kazakhstan was about to be recognized as an independent country and become a subject of International Law, so that we could have a voice, trade and take part in international events.

Since joining the UN, Kazakhstan’s initiatives have always been aimed at supporting global security, nuclear disarmament and environmental stability. Kazakhstan's election as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council has signified its recognition.


Kazakhstan deserved being a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council because the country has achieved certain results in Central Asia, the CIS, Europe and worldwide. I would say that the first 25 years of Kazakhstan’s cooperation with the UN were probably the most productive compared to all other countries that have joined the UN at the same time.

Over these 25 years, Kazakhstan has come a long way from a newcomer in international relations to an active and authoritative participant of the global organization. Joining the UN opened up new opportunities for further promotion of Kazakhstan’s initiatives, and gave it a chance to demonstrate achievements in science and culture at the highest level. Experts say, Kazakhstan will continue making a considerable contribution to the UN’s activities in all spheres.

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