Kazakhstan plays one of the leading roles in the Chinese project “One Belt - One Road”, Liu Shuang, expert of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, says. According to the expert, Kazakhstan’s participation in the Silk Road revival will bring Kazakh-Chinese relations to a new level and will open new opportunities for economic partnership. Transnational infrastructure project “Western Europe - Western China” road construction is an example of a successful cooperation, the Chinese expert says. It demonstrated that Kazakhstan can rightfully become the transit hub connecting Europe and China.


-At present, in Kazakhstan, the construction is under way for the Chinese-Kazakh terminal in Lianyungang port as part of the “Silk Road Economic Belt”. Thus, Kazakhstan got access to the sea. The development of such transport and logistics projects will significantly improve Kazakhstan’s economy. China sees great potential in Kazakhstan. Such close cooperation between our countries takes place because we share common interests; we jointly move forward and always support each other.

The project “One Belt - One Road” is aimed at creating the trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia, Europe and Africa. More than 70 countries and organizations are supporting the project and willing to join it. Over 30 states and companies have signed memorandums to jointly implement projects. The participating countries are supposed to jointly coordinate economic interaction, develop transport corridors and so on.


The initiative “One Belt - One Road” also implies cultural exchange between countries and the creation of mutual financial markets. This is evidenced by the fact that the Asian Infrastructure Investments Bank started its activity last year, and in late 2014 the Silk Road Fund was launched. These financial institutions will facilitate the implementation of joint projects, both in the Central Asian region, and across Europe and the world as a whole.

In the next years, it is planned to implement many projects as part of the Chinese initiative “One Belt - One Road”. As experts stressed, it is especially important to adhere to the principles of mutual benefit. This means it will benefit all countries that have found common ground, including Kazakhstan. The entire Eurasian region will have a powerful impetus for further development. 

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