Accelerated technological modernization is one of the priorities of the Kazakh President’s address. Kazakhstan will create new industries and introduce digital technologies as part of the modernization. The existing enterprises have already started modernization. Atyrau machine-builders make the manufacturing automated and robotized. They say, it will save resources and increase labor capacity.

Atyrau Machine Engineering Plant is one of the largest in Kazakhstan. The plant has been oriented towards modern technologies since the independence. As a result, at present, the plant’s capacities allow producing unique equipment for the oil and gas industry, which has no analogues in Central Asia.


The plant’s management pays much attention to automation of production, improvement of technologies and acquisition of new equipment for labor-intensive work. We have purchased highly efficient welding equipment, which boosts the welding process tenfold, unlike manual welding.

Another high-tech has been launched operates at the plant – the manufacturing of flanges for oil equipment.


Our plant has modern equipment. Our products comply with European standards. We use software for automated lathes. It takes 5 hours to grind one flange on a conventional machine, and 4 minutes – on the automated complex.

Three automated complexes are serviced by only two operators, and the plant can operate round the clock. It means that production time is reduced, and quality is raised to world standards. This increases export capacities. All industrial facilities in Atyrau region are modernizing production lines now. As a result, the region's indicators show dynamic growth every year.

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