Kazakhstani school students are developing and introducing ‘green’ projects ahead of Astana Expo 2017. A 4th grade school student from Kyzylorda invented an alternative energy source. 10-year-old Kausar Kabylbek has found a method of producing biogas and biofuel from organic and domestic waste after a year of experiments. The know-how will help to save energy in the future. The development was approved by the local scientists and leading power engineers. At present, the young inventor and her supervisor are preparing for presentation of their project at the international exhibition Expo 2017.


Household waste and animal’s vital activity products are mixed with water and placed in a bioreactor. The fermentation process takes two days. The released gas passes through gas purification and, ultimately, we receive biofuel. This is gas, electricity and thermal energy. I really want my project to be useful for people. In the future, I want to become an inventor and come up with many more useful ideas.

School students in the eastern Kazakhstan are also developing new methods of utilizing renewable energy sources. Students of one of the region’s districts started developing heating bio-units. For instance, 8th grade school student Nikita Dzheparov made a miniature from plastic buckets and plumbing parts. The simply looking design required lots of accurate mathematical calculations. The young inventor equipped a container with a metal rod and magnets to make the cistern to heat a 5,000 square meters area.

The installation resembles to a mixer. It grinds waste, actively allocating biogas for heating. One cubic meter replaces 1.5 kilograms of coal. Students of another rural school learnt how to get energy from the soil via heat pumps.


Previously there were power boilers in the school’s basement. Now we have pumping units and save up to 10,000 kilowatt of energy per year. This is a considerable amount for school.

According to specialists, such innovations develop creative thinking and let young engineers develop and demonstrate their abilities, keep pace with the times, help to improve the country’s economy.

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