School students of Atyrau Nazarbayev Intellectual School summed up the results of the campaign marking the international exhibition Astana Expo 2017. The exhibition features presentation of innovative recreation parks, amusement ride on renewable energy sources, waste processing and waste management projects. The fair visitors saw that the modern youth is interested not only in gadgets and computer games, but also young people can invent know-how projects. In addition, most of the ideas and projects can already be realized now.


Our project is a Ferris wheel that operates on the principle of a renewable energy source. We want to use solar panels and batteries. That is, one battery is designed for day work, the second for the evening. Even in the evening or on foggy days when there is no sun, our wheel can work.


The main goal of our event was that, in fact, the children could understand the problems that today challenge not only Kazakhstanis, but also all people in the world.

The 4th grade school student Aimen Nurzhan invented her own mobile application Guide-Expo to support the international exhibition in Astana. It is aimed to help visitors navigate in the locations of the pavilions.


This is a kind of navigator for Astana guests and residents. The map will show cultural and entertainment venues, pavilions of the Expo participating countries, booking offices, where people can buy a ticket to the exhibition.

Aimen invented her own program when she began to attend programming courses for students. They were organized by the alumni of Bolashak program. In the first month of the courses, students studied theory, in the second - practice, and in the third months students took the exam. They invent their own application.


When Aimen developed this application, she did not think about commercial purposes. She wanted to create a social project so that this project would help people. Now, we are finishing some moments, adding some information, and soon, this application will be released in Play Market, as well as in iOs, for general use.

Expo- Guide has so far only been developed in the Kazakh language. Presently, Aimen and the project curator are adapting the application. It will also be released in Russian and English. The application will be available for download in worldwide online stores.

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