Students of the Kazakh universities competed in an unusual intellectual contest. Astana hosted the final of the national contest on English words spelling “Kazakhstan Spelling Bee”. The winners of the qualifying rounds that were held in the regions across the country took part in the tournament. According to the contest terms, the presenter says a word and a participant must verbally parse it by letters. The competitors are given only two minutes. Everyone has the right to be repeated the word or clarified its origin. Then two judges confirm the correctness. The competition was held in stages, during which each of the participants, who misunderstood the words, dropped out of the contest. And only the last three became winners.


The contest is very popular, and every year more and more students from different regions take part in it. They are all good fellows, because the finalists who take part here are the best in Kazakhstan.


I began to learn English from the reception class. Then, I wanted to travel a lot. I’m studying for an interpreter. Manifesting your knowledge is important. To win the prize is not the main purpose.

The competition was held to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Kazakhstan. In addition, the organizers say, it reflects the concept of trilingualism development in Kazakhstan. After all, most of the participants of “Kazakhstan Spelling Bee” still perfectly know Kazakh and Russian.

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