Kazakhstan is marking the 25th anniversary of cooperation with the United Nations. On March 2, 1992 the country joined the United Nations and, thus, received worldwide recognition. A sovereign state has become the 168th member of the influential and authoritative organization. Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a conference with the participation of the ambassadors, the Senate members, veterans of the diplomatic service and international organizations to mark the anniversary date. The participants discussed the key achievements of cooperation in the last 25 years. In particular, according to experts, Kazakhstan’s election as the non-permanent UN Security Council member for 2017-2018 was a logical outcome of Kazakhstan’s active work on the practical implementation of the goals and principles of the global organization, commitment to the ideals of peace, security and development.


As a result it is now turning from what used to be recipient of ODA assistance from another country into a provider of knowledge and financial support to another country.. And also what used to be the follower of international agenda is now part of an agenda setter of the international agenda in general. So this is no doubt why Kazakhstan has been selected to serve as non-permanent member of the Security Council. Kazakhstan has always been an important partner of the United Nations and I believe that it will become even more important for the United Nations and to the international community in the future.

Kazakhstan has successfully integrated into the international community of the states and took a prominent place in it. An important evidence of this is that the UN General Assembly on Kazakhstan’s initiative adopted a resolution declaring the date of closure of the Semipalatinsk test site on August 29 as the International Day against Nuclear Tests. This is a high estimation of Kazakhstan’s contribution to disarmament and non-proliferation. Also, the conference participants stressed that the country’s peace-loving reputation was once again confirmed during the Syrian talks in Astana.

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