Kazakhstan will introduce online trading of petroleum products. The country will sell liquefied natural gas and other petroleum products through electronic exchanges. According to the Kazakh Energy Minister Kanat Bozumbayev, this will ensure the transparency of the industry and minimize the government’s involvement in business. He also stressed that soon Kazakhstan will introduce the oil and gas industry metering and control system, which will allow holding modernization and automation of oil production accounting. Thanks to this system, it will be easier to take into account technical losses during transportation. In addition, according to the minister, a unified information system of environmental protection will be formed in Kazakhstan.


We plan by the end of the year to amend the law, and in stages in 2018, each half year will increase the volume of gas sold through the electronic platforms.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the most important step on informatization of the country’s oil and gas industry will become activation of “Digital Field” program. The program will increase the efficiency and operation of the entire industry. Kazakhstan already has successful experience in the application of electronic technologies, for example, in Kuat field. Presently, the program is being implemented in such major fileds as Uzen, Nurzhanov and Akshugyla. In the future, the program will cover all of the country’s deposits.


This program will automate oil and gas extraction, increase production by 2-5%, reduce the cost of materials and equipment at least by 10%, increase energy efficiency by 20%.

In addition, with the aim to boost development of oil and gas sector, the Natural Resources Code and the Tax Code implies systemic measures to support the subsoil users. In particular, it is proposed to reduce the legal and economic expertise, the list of basic design documents and the term of their consideration as well as to eliminate a number of licensing regulations. It is also proposed to simplify the receipt of rights for subsoil use. As experts emphasize, the relevant amendments to the legislation will be made this year.

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