Interest in folk singing art is growing in Kazakhstan. The lecture on the life and work of the famous composer Ukili Ybyrai was held in the National Museum. According to historians, the great poet, improviser was one of the brightest representatives of the Kazakh classic. He left a rich legacy that is now being revived. He was fond of art since childhood, and studied from the great masters of the past - akyns Birzhan Sal, Akan-Sery, Baluan-Sholak. Ybyrai’s musical heritage consists of more than 40 songs, including such masterpieces as Karakat Koz, Araray, Duniye. In his works the akyn praised the Kazakh land, glory of the steppe. There are also love lyrics.

Ukili Ybyrai’s main song Gakku at all times is performed by the Kazakh artists with particular excitement. There are several legends about the history of the song. One of them says that in his youth Ybyrai met a beautiful young woman, which he immediately fell in love with. However, they were not destined to be together. The disheartened poet composes the song Gakku dedicated to his beloved. It is this composition that became the basis for Kyz Zhibek arias from the famous opera.

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