A children’s competition on knowledge of national traditions was held in the U.S. state of Virginia. It was also attended by Kazakh children, who met guests in accordance with the Kazakh folk customs and treated them with traditional dishes. The stand with the image of national symbols drew particular attention. This competition is held annually in other U.S. states as well.


We are very happy to be here, we organize, perform and dance. So I liked very much liked it. We are here at the elementary school from Bolivia. Bolivia it is our country. We are here to support his school. The outfit we are wearing is from Bolivia.

In Semey, a school student Adil Ordayev with the aim to promote national traditions taught robots to dance Kara Zhorga. The student of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School worked for several months over his project, which surprised many experts. Robots can continuously dance the traditional dances for more than an hour. One android consists of 18 motors, which allow it to carry out complex movements. Presently, the young inventor is planning to teach the robot a few more traditional folk dances.


I think that these robots can dance not only Kara Zhorga, but also kamazhai and other Kazakh traditional dances. With their help, I will raise patriotic feelings among our people.

The school student plans to present his robots at the international exhibitions so that to make foreign guests to closely get acquainted with the traditional Kazakh dances.

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