South Korea plans to export goods to Europe via Kazakhstan. For a country of morning freshness the route through Kazakhstan is the shortest route to Europe. Incheon seaport in the Yellow Sea is South Korea’s second largest harbor. Goods bound to Kazakhstan have already been shipped from here. From Incheon the ships will sail to the Chinese port of Lianyungang. From there, the containers will be delivered by rail to the border with Kazakhstan. There is also another route. From Busan the sea cargo arrives in the Russian port of Vostochnyi, then by rail to Novosibirsk and from there to Kazakhstan. The volume of shipments of the two seaports is about 50 containers per day. The freight includes car parts, electronics and plastics for bottles manufacturing. Our country is interested in these goods coming through China and for this purpose Kazakhstan has built a terminal in the Chinese port of Lianyungang. The South Korean exporters are planning to send their cargo through these routes.


Transportation of goods by sea from Korea and Japan to Europe is about 45 days, and by rail through China and Kazakhstan it only takes 21 days. We are negotiating with representatives of the countries. If the costs, in general, are reduced from$ 4,000 to $ 2,000, we can send freight twice per week, which makes up 82 containers. It is beneficial for all countries involved in the project.

The first block of forty-one containers from South Korea and Japan to Europe via Kazakhstan is planned to be sent from the Chinese port of Lianyungang  on the first of April this year.

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