Historians have found a unique manuscript of the 19th century related to the the legendary Kazakh Khan Kenesary. All these years, the document was stored in the State Historical Museum in Moscow. It was discovered by scientist Ilya Zaytsev. The manuscript was written in the Kazakh language in the Arabic script. It contains the memories by Ahmet Kenessarin about his father Kenesary Kasymov and his brother Sultan Sadyk. This document was translated into Russian and published almost 130 years ago in Tashkent. However, the fate of the original manuscript was unknown  for a long time known. The find was a landmark event for the orientalist, and its publication is a continuation of the large-scale work on the discovery of the new pages of the Kazakh history. The unique document was published in Moscow with the support of the Kazakh Embassy .


Now we have the original manuscript. This is a very important piece of the Kazakh historiography of the 19th century. This is a memoir by Ahmed Kenesarin, son of the famous khan Kenesary Kassymov, who based on his own memories, and the memories of his brother Sadyk, described in detail the story of his father and his brother.

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