Kazakhstan’s third modernization program takes into account global economic processes. The head of the Business Council of the Eurasian Economic Union and the former Russian vice premier Viktor Khristenko praised President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s address. He said that the third modernization is not just a modern trend but concrete measure to use global trends as a driver of national economic growth.


President Nazarbayev's address encompasses industrial agenda, agro-industrial complex, infrastructure agenda, Kazakhstan's transport and logistics opportunities. The use of Kazakhstan's transit capacity, in particular container shipping of goods, primarily from China to Western Europe, has increased more than twofold in one year. Development of Kazakhstan's transit and logistics potential is a great foundation for further economic growth. I think this is a quite achievable target.

Not only economy and industry but also human capital should become a country’s asset, Member of the British House of Lords Patrick Thomas Cormack says. He supports one of the main priorities of the President’s address.

Latvian experts consider Kazakhstan’s economic development and creation of a favorable investment climate quite promising for international cooperation. Both Latvia and Kazakhstan are interested in information technologies and innovation, industry and energy, logistics and transit.


New digital technologies and digitalization – this is what Latvia is interested in as well. It is good that Kazakhstan understands that being competitive is crucial nowadays and new technologies should be utilized to the maximum in this regard. This is a quite advanced country especially at present when it revives the Silk Road, a passway of cargo through China, Kazakhstan, Russia and hopefully Latvia to Europe. Kazakhstan is the coutry we want to cooperate with.

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