Kazakhstan citizens continue demonstrating their talents on the world stages. Dimash Kudaibergen has amazed the audience with his voice at the competition I Am a Singer in China. Another Kazakh singer Arai Aidarkhan is winning the hearts of the audience at the Natural Voice singing contest where participants perform folk songs. The contest winners, those who score the highest number of the audience’s votes, will be nominated for the American Recording Academy’s award. In the fourth round, the singer performed with the famous Kazakh ethnic band Roksonaki.


There are many edification poems by Assan Kaigy and Bukhar Zhyrau. We performed rock-n-roll music with Kazakh wisdom in it, the one that you can find in folk poetry.

The singing competition participants will perform nearly 50 folk songs. Three best songs will replenish the list of nominees for American Grammy awards. The best songs will be selected via voting among the audience. Arai Aidarkahn has already sung the songs ‘Samal tau’, ‘Azhe’ and ‘Terme’ that brought him the audience’s votes. Chinese artists say that Kazakh singers become more and more popular in China.


Kazakh singers are becoming more and more popular in China. This is a good opportunity for promotion of the Kazakh national art. I am happy to be in one competition with such talented singer as Arai

Arai Aidarkhan is well-known in China. He has already participated in singing competitions in China before and was among the prize winners. In 2013, the singer entered the top 5 best singers of Chinese Idol.

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