The Eurasian Development Bank is ready to invest in Kazakhstan’s agricultural sector. At present, 45% of the EDB’s investment portfolio accounts for Kazakhstan, 32% - for Russia and 20% - for Belarus. According to the EDB chairman Dmitry Pankin, Kazakhstan’s agricultural sector has huge potential. In addition, the bank intends to finance other projects in the near future.


EDB has invested nearly $1 billion in 20-30 projects in Kazakhstan. In mining, this is the production of lead-silver ores in Alaigyr deposit, copper ore production in Kundyzdy deposit invested by Russian company, as well as modernization of Bogatyr plant, investment in Almaty airport. This is what we are interested in. There are also some projects in telecommunications, construction of new 4G networks. It is very important for Kazakhstan to spread 4G networks throughout its territory.





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