Kazakhstan’s initiatives are relevant and correspond to modern challenges, the UN permanent representatives, including those from the Middle East, say. According to them, President Nazarbayev’s policy address to the UN Security Council calls for global partnership to build a safe, democratic and prosperous world. Heads of Diplomatic missions paid particular attention to the idea on development of Astana Code of Conduct in International Anti-Terrorist Operations, which may become a base for formation of the Global Antiterrorist Coalition under the UN auspices. They also say that the donation of 1% of the UN member states’ defense budget for the Sustainable Development agenda will allow maintaining world peace.


Iraq is one country that is facing and fighting terrorism on the grounds and we are actually working with all the efforts within the UN and outside the UN, coalition of the UN. The UN has its role to play in fighting terrorism and also fighting the methodologies and the actual ideology of those terrorists. So, this is important for the UN. We are extremely happy to see Kazakhstan in the Security Council as a matter of fact Kazakhstan is one of the new countries and we think its potential is very high and we are looking forward to working with them. 

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