Kazakhstan will support Kyrgyzstan in integration into the Eurasian Economic Union, Kazakh Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Ayymdos Bozzhigitov said at the briefing. $100 million will be allocated to Kyrgyzstan as part of the technical assistance. The funds will be utilized to modernize sanitary-epidemiological and veterinary laboratories, as well as the technical equipment of the customs infrastructure, so that Kyrgyzstan could certify its products according to the EAEU requirements. The Ambassador also said that the trade turnover between Kyrgyzstan and the EAEU countries made up one billion seven hundred forty-three million dollars in the first 11 months of 2016. Trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan reached $744 million in the same period and exceeded the indicator of 2015. 


A certain positive trend can be observed. At present, Kazakhstan’s export-oriented enterprises, especially those working in technology, launched as part of the Industrial development program, have an opportunity to export engineering products such as locomotives and wagons to Kyrgyzstan. This is also the Eurasian integration.

According to the Ambassador, Kazakhstan enters the top five investors of Kyrgyzstan. The total volume of Kazakhstan’s investments in Kyrgyzstan’s economy has already exceeded $1.5 billion. There are over 300 joint ventures with100% Kazakh capital in Kyrgyzstan. 

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