European Bank of Reconstruction and Development financed over 200 small and medium-size projects last year. According to the EBRD report, the total amount of the allocated grants made up more than 2 million euros. The financial institute provides support to small and medium-sized businesses via subsidizing the services of local consultants and international business advisers. The enterprises receive help in developing a feasible business plan, in marketing, developing technical and quality standards and creating a new brand. As the EBRD notes, 142 projects were launched through the support of Kazakhstan’s Government, local consultants and 20 international advisers.


An entrepreneur receives 10,000 euros as a grant which they use for consulting services.  If the cost of consulting services is 20,000, an entrepreneur may receive 10,000 as a refund. This is according to one of the programs. There is also the EBRD’s Women in Business Program. If a woman is an entrepreneur, the head of a company or a business owner, she is eligible for financial assistance as part of another agreement. 

According to the official data, 5,797 loans have been granted as part of the women’s support program financed by the EBRD and the Kazakh government. Nearly 200 business women attended a series of training seminars.

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