The mix of classical music, pop and jazz: soloists of the State Academic Philharmonic presented the program "Zhuldyzdy duet" in the Astana concert hall. The artists have combined three different musical genres in one concert for the first time. The duets were formed from classical and pop singers. Honored workers of Kazakhstan and winners of international contests and festivals performed on the same stage.


I will sing with my colleague Nurtas Omarov. We will sing a song called "Moon River" from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with the legendary Audrey Hepburn. The second song is "Old Piano" from the film "We Are from Jazz". I think it will be a very bright, rich and memorable performance. The concert is divided into three parts: Kazakh folk songs, jazz featuring legendary American songs, and Waltz.

The concert featured such old folk songs as "Ahaukerіm", "Erkemai", "Mausymzhan" waltzes "The Echo of Love" and "Spring on Zarechnaya street." The audience enjoyed professional performance of successful tandems and friendly atmosphere of the evening. The organizers plan to organize more events of such kind in the future. 

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