Ecotourism gains momentum in Kazakhstan

A unique project was launched in Kazakhstan aimed at building eco-friendly guest houses on the territory of the country’s first ‘green’ village Arnasai. The organizers, Coalition for ‘Green’ Economy and Development of G-Global based at green technology center, which is located 30 kilometers away from Astana, say they will construct ten new guest houses ahead of Expo 2017. The guest houses will help boost ecotourism, the developers believe. The organizers have started selection of bidders, homeowners whose territories will be used for the project.


It is going to be a very unique and picturesque route. Most importantly, we will demonstrate that Kazakhstan residents who host Expo this year are involved in the process of formation of ‘green economy’. We are a non-profit organization, we search for sponsorship and show that this is a worthy, promising and unique business project. We are also ready to provide consultations.

As planned, the idea of guest houses is quite simple. First of all applicants must have the resources: houses, farms, transportation routes, and most importantly picturesque nature. In addition, potential entrepreneurs should present their own reception program. Income from the business will be divided into two parts. The first one - for a family’s daily expenses, the rest will be invested in the development of eco guest houses and creation of new services for the project. As a result, homeowners get eco houses, that is, sustainable development of their own "green" houses, financial freedom and a good family business


We provide the remaining things, we buy collectors, lighting, install drip irrigation, provide vermicomposting to cultivate organic crop, provide new technologies such as agro-based fiber, that is, organic crop.

The most active Arnasai residents have already started building eco-friendly houses.

This sort of accommodation will cost the same price as a standard hotel room in Astana. However, tourists will be able to enjoy beautiful nature, fresh air and a non-standard entertainment program. The organizers believe that their project will be in demand after the Expo as well because not only foreign guests but also Kazakhstan citizens will love to have their holidays in natural surroundings. Foreign tourists will be welcomed by translators recruited from the Alliance of Kazakhstani Volunteers created be the Coalition. According to experts, such ambitious projects are making a real contribution to transition to energy-efficient lifestyle in Kazakhstan