The world-renowned virtuosos presented a grand classical music concert for Astana audience. An evening dedicated to the 220th birth anniversary of the great composer Franz Schubert was accompanied by the State Chamber Orchestra "Academy of Soloists". Schubert’s famous Symphony №8 as well as famous works by Mozart and Tchaikovsky were performed on this significant date. The musical evening was featured by recognized masters of the world - famous violinist, professor at the Vienna Conservatory Gernot Winischhofer and a Mexican conductor Enrique Batiz. According to the maestros, they are always happy to accept invitations to perform in Kazakhstan, because Kazakhstan and they are bound by not only creativity, but also friendship.


I have been friends with Aiman Mussakhodzhayeva for 36 years. We both were trained by Valery Klimov at Moscow Conservatory. We also worked with Soloists Academy Orchestra, with the students. They make enormous progress, I am happy with the way they play.

The grand musical evening was organized by the Kazakh National University of Arts and representatives of Kazakh Concert. According to them, the main purpose of this concert was to familiarize Kazakh audience with the work of the acknowledged masters of world music and Kazakhstani musicians. 

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