Kazakhstan is successfully introducing innovations in every sector of the economy. With this aim, a variety of strategies and programs on their development, including education, are adopted in the country. For instance, in the regional center “Astana Daryny” the school students conduct research, develop projects, and contribute to the development of innovations. School student from Astana Akadil Dauletov believes that the railway and air transport have alternatives.


There is no electromagnetic radiation, which affects the human body and the environment. It can overcome the distance between Almaty and Astana, which totals 1,200 km, just in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Construction of this whole structure will amount to $3.63 billion.

School students implement the most challenging innovative ideas, for example, in the field of robotics, design of a waste recycling plant and ship modeling. School students from Temirtau created own model of the ship. Their ship was recognized the best in the category “Technics” in the youth competition of innovation projects among 700 competitors.


The more details, the more we do the more experience we gain. The smaller the vessel, the more beautiful and precisely it looks.

The basic conditions for membership in ship modeling club is to have a great desire and infinite patience. It exists for more than half a century. In 50 years, the club’s history had many victories in various international competitions.


Our club includes not only creative work, but we also have sports models. We are the only functioning team representing Kazakhstan at the world championships, in Europe. Our team participates in different events.

Robotics classes became popular in Uralsk. Specialized classrooms, which are equipped with complete sets for robotics, are open in 28 schools of the city. During the course, the school students learn electronics, telemechanics, radio equipment and programming. The club’s members repeatedly won the republican and international competitions.

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