Pavlodar handicraft Galina Voronkova makes exclusive berets, belts, colorful stoles from felt. In four years, she mastered several felt processing techniques and opened a craft studio. At present, Galina is preparing for the upcoming international exhibition EXPO 2017. Her native village Sharbakty in Pavlodar region is included in the tourist route. Therefore, the artisan is expecting many visitors and is going to surprise them with masterpieces of felt craftsmanship. After all, working with this material is a very laborious process.


This product was made from a combined knitted fabric, 100% wool with added felt. The edge is made from felt and silk was added as a decoration, the ornament was also filled by wet drying technique. The cloth is very thin, very soft to skin. I think every woman wearing such wonderful stole will be the queen at some party.

Former museum worker was fascinated by folk craft at young age. However, she started making felt products four years ago. After receiving a grant - three million tenge as part of the "Business Road Map 2020," she opened a studio, bought equipment and started receiving orders.


Here I can mix fur of different color. I add various colors of fur then comb them and get an absolutely different tint. You can also apply any coating.

All works are exclusive and it is impossible to make the same thing even if you want, the handicraft says. Moreover, Galina monitors the latest trends, so Kazakh and foreign fashion mongers will be satisfied.

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