Solo exhibition "Breaking Dawn" of young sculptor Zhanna Nugerbekova has opened at the National Museum of Kazakhstan. The exhibition features the art pieces made in various techniques and of various materials like paper and bronze. Every sculpture indicates a distinctive spiritual relationship of the author with the Kazakh national traditions and heritage of the steppe. "Zhailau", a philosophical parable about the impermanence of life, draws an increased attention of the visitors. The author depicted a flock of sheep floating in the air and slowly descending from the invisible hill and a shepherd with a boy-assistant towering over them. In the future, the sculptor wants to bring this work to a monumental scale - in the form of an arch. 


This sculpture is precious to me because my ancestors my grandfather, my dad before he entered the university were shepherds. I think everyone who sees this work, especially the children, really like it. It took me about six months to make it, including sculpting, molding, casting and finishing. These works are dear to me.

At present, Zhanna studies at Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. The young artist has participated in 17 major exhibitions so far. 

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