Kazakhstan has a rich gastronomy. Kazakh confectioners participated in Chocolate Festival that was held for the first time at the UN Headquarters. Tasters recognized Kazakhstani chocolate as the most exquisite. The so called Chocolate Salon featured a fascinating variety of confectionery: milk, dark chocolates, chocolates with fruits and nuts. The countries that do not manufacture chocolate candies have offered pastries from cocoa beans, cakes and biscuits, puddings and mousses. The most discerning sweet tooth was delighted by a wide range of Kazakhstan’s chocolate confectioneries. Thus, the traditional European chocolate brands realized they have serious competitors in Central Asia.

In the meantime, foreign athletes have tasted Kazakh traditional dishes. Astana Motorsports team cooked beshbarmak for Dakar rally participants. All the necessary ingredients such as lamb, carrots and onion were purchased in Bolivian capital city, however, kazy – Kazakh horse meat delicacy was brought all the way from Shymkent.


Traditionally, on the day-off we cook for everyone. The first time we served a food was in Argentina. We continue following this wonderful tradition. 

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