Exports of the Kazakh products are growing, particularly of the food products. For example, the factory for processing oilseeds, launched in the village of Beskol in Almaty region will supply 80% of its products to China. Soybean, canola, and sunflower will be processed at the factory in the amount of 120 tons per day. 450 million tenge was invested into the project. The government has funded one-third of the investments through a national company “KazAgroFinance”.


The first step includes incomplete refining. The second stage in the future will include complete refining. Unrefined oil will be exported to China. It is highly in demand, because it is not genetically modified, it is organic. After refining it will have a complete purification and bottling cycle.

Akmola plant for production of linseed oil in exported several thousand tons of its products last year. Foreign customers are interested not only in the linseed oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil for technical needs, but also the resulting press cake.


We have established contacts with Latvia. We have already exported press cake twice. This month, we sent about 450 tons of oil to Tajikistan. But the main volume of 600 tons was shipped to China.

The process of producing oil is held behind closed doors. Every two hours, a chemical laboratory conducts analyzes. There are few such laboratories in the country. The whole production of oil, press cake, purchased raw materials is supervised by the laboratorians.


We produce hot and cold-pressed oil. The main customers are China, Russia and the domestic market. Linseed oil is mainly used in medicine, oil cake for livestock feed. The oils are healthy and have medicinal properties.

The management of the plant plans to establish a line for the oil refining and bottling of the product. The raw material for the enterprise is supplied from the enterprise’s fields; regional farms are also ready to establish cooperation with the factory.

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