Kazakhstan and the United States have launched a mechanism for the mutual issuance of 10-year visas for their citizens. In 2013, the mode of issue of 5-year visas has been set between the two countries. After some time, the success of this initiative was proved and the governments of the two countries started negotiations on the issue of increasing the visa term to 10 years. This is the highest possible period in the practice of the United States. Moreover, these negotiations on the international legal standards lasted for a relatively short time. All the details were agreed in a year.


Achievement of 10-year visa arrangement with the United States which is simply very historic. And it will definitely serve to further strengthening of relations and contact between our two countries. Not every country has a 10-year visa arrangement with the United States. Only those countries that make certain criteria, for example, countries that provide visa for each travel to the United States or countries that have reciprocal 10-year arrangement.

Also, the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs intends to start negotiations on visa facilitation with the countries of the Old World. In addition, in 2016, Kazakhstan has updated visa-free arrangements for all kinds of passports with Brazil. The agreements with Sri Lanka, Macau and Israel are being elaborated presently. Also, the visa regime with Japan was facilitated.

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