Meanwhile, the agency forecasts that at the end of last year, Kazakhstan’s expected volume of exports amounted to about $35 billion. According to experts, a positive factor was the increase of the share of processed goods from 24% to 35%. In addition, in the past decade, Kazakh businessmen have expanded the range of products, which are exported to foreign markets. Presently, domestic businessmen supply thousands of goods to 117 countries. This mainly includes pharmaceutical products, building materials, clothing, juices, pasta and confectionery products, and much more.


Last year, as part of promotion of Kazakhstan’s exports, about 70 foreign presentation events were held in 15 countries. They were attended by more than 350 Kazakh exporters. And as a result, export contracts worth more than $200 million have been signed.

As usual, Kazakhstan in its export policy is focused on the markets of the participating countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, CIS, Iran, Afghanistan and China. The next step and the strategic goal for Kazakhstan this year is to double or triple the indicators of presence of Kazakh products in the foreign markets, concludes the agency.  

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