Vivid scenes from the Kazakhstanis’ life are showcased at the exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence held in Astana. The photos were taken by young talented photographer Ospan Ali. This summer, he was chosen among 500 photographers and entered the top 26 authors, whose works have been exhibited in the shopping center “Carrousel du Louvre” in Paris. Ali has been engaged in professional photography since 2013, during this time his works have been repeatedly published in newspapers and magazines, and some decorate the private collections of famous people. Ospan Ali admits he likes observing the daily life of the people. His characters, their names and ages are unknown, but all of them represent ordinary people of Kazakhstan. For instance, this image of an old woman, according to Ospan Ali, represents the image of a Kazakh old women, who gives the feeling of warmth and comfort of native home. 


People - are our pride, our value. Future Energy is us the people, not nanotechnologies or oil, it is the people who create the energy.

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